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The Miami International Pigeon Race will be a dream come true with the dedication and hard work by the Cancio’s family. The Cancio’s family has been pigeon breeders since childhood and they are American Racing Pigeon Union members. Our race will offer a one loft race with an experienced team to handle and care the pigeons. Furthermore a loft full of great technological advances, located in Miami "The Sunshine State" a beautiful place with tropical weather and beaches. The local advantages offer not only the opportunity to visit the race facilities but also the opportunity to visit Miami one of the most paradisiacal places sought by vacationers.

This race will be a series of three races to one loft. It will be accepting birds from March 1st through May 31st; breeders can send replacement birds until June 15th. After the final 300 mile race, we will organize an optional extra race, with the option to fly for more awards. The optional All-Star Cienfuegos Classic 350 miles race will be organized on November 24th. The entry fee to this race is 100 per bird. Activation is possible after the 300 miles race. The race will not be launched unless 50 birds are activated; Prizes will be awarded to the first 5 places per clocking position

Birds on arrival will be quarantined and vaccinated for Paratyphoid, PMV, and POX.

All birds will have the 9th and 10th flight pulled and grown in prior to training. Birds with POX will not be accepted.

Miami International Pigeon Race is not responsible for any birds lost in training or race time and has the right to refuse any entries.

  • Perch Fee will be $100 per bird.
  • The Perch Fee is due when birds arrive.
  • Activation Fee will be $250 per bird, due after the 100 miles training.

Optional Entry: B Race, $500 per bird-races flown together. A bird is selected by the breeder after the 150 miles race. Payout 50/30/20 split to first 3 birds in 225/300 miles races (average speed by clocking order). 

The birds will be trained to perform a 100 miles toss; every breeder can follow their performance in our web page during every training and every race. All birds will be treated equally throughout the period of training and racing in our facilities. After the release of the 100 mile toss the birds MUST be activated individually by 250, you can make payments through our website or send check or money order payable to Miami International Pigeon Race to our address, 5150 SW 118th Ave, Miami Fl 33175. Every breeder will have their birds in competition teams of a maximum of three (3) birds team, birds cannot switch teams after the competition begins, breeders have the right to send as many birds as they wish.

Birds should be activated October 20 through October 27. Non-activated birds will become the property of Miami International Pigeon Race

The races will be organized as follows:

  • 150 miles November 3th
  • 225 miles November 10th
  • 300 miles November 17th
  • 350 Miles Cienfuegos All-Star November 24

If a breeder does not have any bird left in the competition at the end of the 100 miles training toss, the Miami International Pigeon Race offers a free perch for the loss pigeons for the following race season. 

The management reserves the right to release or shorten the distances, according to the weather conditions of each race.

All three (3) races will award capital points per clocking position. We also have a 3 average speed awards based on the average speed per bird calculated over all three races. The bird must complete all three races to win the average speed award. The bird with the highest credits in the 300 mile race breaks a previous eventual tie.

All races will be open for three (3) days from the moment of release. If not enough bird’s clock to fill the points, the race management reserves the right to recalculate the winner’s points. The Electronic Timer will be used in coordination with WinCompanion Live Races, the largest management company of One Loft Race in the United States

Whistles, droppers and other bird calling methods shall not be used during any of the races. Birds do the approach to the antenna and clocking by herself.

When the last race, 350 Miles, is over, Miami International Pigeon Race will hold an auction where each breeder may optionally participate with their remaining birds or choice get their birds back to home, the profit in the auction will be divided 50/50 between race and breeder, breeders who do not want to participate in the auction must make arrangements to get their birds back, arrangements must be made before December 4, after this date the birds become property of the Miami International Pigeon Race.

Our managements continues to insist on offering the greatest possible transparency and reliability, so in each race and training, the bird’s transporter can be followed at any time through the Glympse application whose link in each release will be placed in a whatsApp application chat and in where you can also find videos of each release, those fans who want to be part of the chat should communicate with the administration of the race to be added. We encourage volunteers to accompany or follow all trainings and race releases and we also want to invite all breeders to attend the basketing prior to the 300 miles release which will be public and each breeder can do the basketing of their pigeon or breeders from out of state can designate someone  to do the basketing of their pigeons and can check from firsthand the condition of each bird, in case the breeder cannot attend or designate someone, the basket of the pigeon must be made by the commission of the race.

We are not responsible for errors or mishandling issues of the shipping carrier when returning birds to breeder at the end of the final race.

A tax IRS (W-9 form) will be required prior to awarding of any prizes valued at $600 or more, and such awards will be reported as required by IRS regulations.